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A Little About Catherine

I have been an animal lover all my life. I can’t recall a time in my childhood when we didn’t have pets. I had everything from hermit crabs, hamsters to even a baby chick I brought home one time around Easter! Of course we had the usual two cats and two dogs I think every household has at least at one point in their lives.

I have been a resident of Baton Rouge since 1984 and have been happily married to my husband Drew since 1999.  Together we share our home with 9 cats and 1 dog all of whom have been rescued from the streets or adopted from animal control shelters.

Back in 2001 I began taking care of a stray cat in our apartment complex. After a few months Molly was socialized well enough that I wanted to put her up for adoption through Cat Haven. Because at the time Cat Haven didn’t have a shelter I was going to have to become Molly’s “foster mom” until she was adopted. When it was time to take Molly to the vet to be spayed, it was then that we found out she was pregnant. A month later Molly gave birth to 5 of the most beautiful kittens I had ever seen. Soon it was time for Molly and her kittens to be put up for adoption through Cat Haven. After the first kitten was adopted I didn’t think I could bear to watch Molly and the rest of the kittens find new homes. Luckily, I was able to place two of the kittens with one of Drew’s co-workers, but I couldn’t bring myself to part with Molly or the last of her two kittens Allie and Pete.

After my experience with Molly I realized I wanted to help other cats and kittens that were living on the streets with no one to love, feed or care for them. It was then that I joined the Cat Haven family. With Cat Haven, one of the many positions I held was the Coordinator of their Fix-A-Feline program which enables people to have their household cats/kittens spayed or neutered for free if they are financially unable to afford to have this procedure done. Working with Cat Haven was a very rewarding experience as we took in cats and kittens that otherwise would have been forced to live a dangerous and lonely life on the streets.  Not only did I serve as the Coordinator of Fix-A-Feline, I also served on the intake committee which decided how many cats we could accept and when, returned phone calls from people needing cat or kitten assistance as well as an adoption day supervisor at Petsmart on the weekends.

It does seem that cats have an extra special place in my heart; however I have a passion for all animals. While I may not have had the opportunity to share my life with every breed of animal, I hope to have the experience of getting to know a few more through you.

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